Visual of SFS 2017


There are some crucial things Sweden gave to the world – meat balls, IKEA, blue-eyed tough guys and Swedish three. But even the yellow-blue jerseys of this Nordic kingdom cannot hide the sensitive and tormented souls with the sense of quality cinema. And though it’s not a shining example of a gastro country, it came up with the way of serving food that changed thousands of the Czechs‘ summer vacations in Croatia or elsewhere. Only fools order a continental breakfast when there’s a Swedish buffet!

Fancy a fish or a horror? 43. SFS visual is a metaphor of a Swedish buffet, of something that is well-known, far beyond the borders of this state. It renders the festival’s bountiful programme plan, it communicates clearly and straightforwardly.

Fresh colours of the displayed food are combined with bold typography. Sans Serif font Circular Pro is spread out on the clean white table. I’m going to grab more crackers. Want something too?

There’s something for everyone. For meat eaters, veggie eaters, and film eaters.

LFŠ 2017


Markéta Steinert

Do Hoai Nam

Photos by:

Marta Palasová